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The making of a sacrier... Empty The making of a sacrier...

Post  htomeht on Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:37 am

For those of you who know me you know I seldom ask for help. But well since we started the forum why not use it.
I plan to make or buy a great deal of things the following levels, I put them here in order of importance (that is level I need them at Smile)
I will keep these lists updated as I gain new mats. I will also add the names of people who have helped with mats.

Dragon Pig Ring

Firstly comes a pretty little thing that I doubt I will attempt to drop all for, if anyone knows someone selling a good one, which is near perfect I am very willing to buy it. I tend to prefer it. Below is what is needed to craft it and what I already have. I would very much like any gifts of saphire and ruby stones since I always polish the stones myself. As you can see the real problem is the Dragon Pig Horn. Its not for sale in sell room. Sad

Woot, all I need is that horn now...

9/9 Amber
8/8 Bambooto Amber
8/8 Ivory
5/5 Dragon Pig snout
50/50 Ruby Stones
50/50 Sapphire Stones
0/1 Dragon Pig horn

Thank you Manbas for helping with Sapphires

Dagger Manic

My goal dagger with the set I'm working on Smile I love the two hits, with good +dmg it will make them very dangerous.
I will be making the alloys myself so dont really need help with them. I guess I will have to join some dark tree hunts for the dark stuff.
Since I know a 100/100 smith/magus I figured I might as well craft it since it will be free.

20/20 Ebony Wood
0/20 Dark Treechnid Root
3/20 Dark Treechnid Bark
0/8 Bakelelite
0/8 Dark Treechnid Amber
8/8 Kriptonit
0/8 Kobalit
0/4 Sapphire

Harry Boots

I love these boots and I want them. They will be hard to get all the mats for. I guess I'll have to put my heart in it. Smile

0/100 Drinker Feather
2/28 Koalak Master Skin
0/20 Bworkette Skin
0/10 Koalak Rider Skin
0/2 Pandikaze Ghost Fabric
0/2 Reapalak Fabric
0/1 Pandora Master Fabric
0/1 Pandora Master Skin

Dreggon Amulet

My precious... This is low priority due to having dragon pig necklace at the time. But the extra wisdom will be very appreciated.
The main issue will be getting the golden scarabugly carapaces, I'd appreciate any help with dropping for this when the time comes.

0/50 Legendary Crackler Rock -- I've been promised a bunch of these rocks from Manbas and Gwolk, any others would be very appreciated.
4/10 Black Dragoss Scale
10/10 Golden Dragoss Scale
0/10 Golden Scarabugly Carapace
10/10 Sapphire Dragoss Scale
1/10 White Dragoss Scale
0/1 Crocabulia Tooth
1/1 Dreggon Warrior Leather Strap

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The making of a sacrier... Empty Re: The making of a sacrier...

Post  htomeht on Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:16 am

I dont like that it doesnt show when posts have been updated, it would be good if others could keep track of how this goes as well. I know I would like it Razz


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