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The guide to making money.. Empty The guide to making money..

Post  htomeht on Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:30 pm

Well first of all this isnt really a guide... it is a bunch of thoughs about generating money.
I might be adding to this list at any time Razz

1. You need money to make money, its quite simple. Why should you do the work if you can make the money work for you?
Buying and selling things either because you find a bargain or you know of some way to refine resourses is excellent money.
One example that I myself has not used is scrolls. You can sell a small scroll of wisdom for 14kk so if you happen to get
your hand on 100 gobbal horns below that price well you know.. profit.

2. So how on earth do you make that first batch of money?
The easy way is getting a proffesion that you can be sure will give you at least some money, I went for miner and I sold a lot of ores..
There is no sure fire way to gain this money it takes work.

3. Well here comes a real example. I was kind of stupid and bought a totalled solomonk for 300kk still 300kk is very cheap for
a solomonk so I figured I might as well sell it for 400kk. It was sold again within 24hrs. I made 100kk without doing any work at all.

4. Being a miner I am in a quite good position to make money, this is true for all proffesions though, you just have to find
a way to make it profitable. Currently my best source of income is actually making swords and crushing them for runes, I wont say
which swords and which runes since that would break a very important axiom. Find a way that works and dont tell anyone.

5. To make your first capital it might be an idea to do the very basic thing of dropping and selling pretty much anything.
I remember selling accorns and mushrooms and what I considered crap at the time being unaware of scrolling. But I figure that being
either a miner or a lumberjack is the best way to making money without actually putting any money in.

Always to be continued, in next episode I might give some actuall tips and not just mumbo..


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