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Post  Lorthan on Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:15 am

I'll post here my next set and what i'll need for each part, also what i've got so far. I would appreciate any donations. I've removed from the list of mats what i already have.

Dora Bora
( Have it)

Powerfull Dazzling Belt
( Have it)

Gelano :
(Borrowed) 30 Strawberry Jelly; 2 Royal Bluish Jelly; 2 Royal Lemon Jelly; 2 Royal Mint Jelly;1 Royal Strawberry Jelly )

Soft Oak Ring :
5 Soft Oak root; 4 Soft Oak bark; 3 Bewitched Wood; 1 Dark Treering; 1 Soft Oak Amber;1 Soft Treering

Moowolf Cape :
80 Koalak Forester Hairs; 5 Moowolf scalp; 2 Pandikaze Ghost Fabric; 2 Tanukouļ San Ghost Fabric; 1 Boowolf Cloak; 1 Mad Boowolf cloak; 1 Moowolf fabric

Wooden Treeckler Boots :
42 Bamboo Wood ; 10 Light Treeckler Knot; 12 Holy Bamboo Wood (chopped); 8 Brown Warko Boomerang; 1 Ga Pme Rune; 1 Tynril Bark

Renewed Amulet :
5 Crystal;14 Dark Treechnid Amber; 7 Ivory ;5 Sapphire; 8 Elm Wood

The purpose of this set is str and wis, basically. I don't expect a huge +vit with it, neither i care much about +vit when i can dmg enought. This a PVM set for me, and thats what matters since i'm not the slaughtersome guy.

The one which i'm closest of the making is the renewed.

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Next Set - Mats Empty Re: Next Set - Mats

Post  htomeht on Wed Apr 09, 2008 9:28 am

I copied this from my own thread cause Lor said so. Smile This is my coming set. My little dream.
It should be noted that if I've been promised something it wont turn up here before its in my bank.

Solomonk, White Rat Cape, Event Belt, Dagger Manic, Dragon Pig Ring, Gelano (+crit)
(Got it)

Harry Boots
65 Drinker Feather ; 26 Koalak Master Skin ; 19 Bworkette Skin ; 10 Koalak Rider Skin ; 1 Pandora Master Fabric ; 1 Pandora Master Skin

Thank you Karkask, Lor, Mizu, Raistlin for Drinker Feather

Dreggon Amulet
28 Legendary Crackler Rock ; 10 Golden Scarabugly Carapace ; 1 Crocabulia Tooth

Thank you Lor and Manbas for Black and White Dragoss Scales
Thank you Lor and Manbas for Legendary Crackler Rocks

The Idea behind the set is agi crits and a decent amount of wisdom. Oh and also it should give me a good vit around 2500 on level 125.

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Next Set - Mats Empty Re: Next Set - Mats

Post  Mizusama on Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:57 am

Mizu is not a Perc. Mizu loves Percs. Percs (hopefully) love Mizu. Very Happy

My needs are simple XD.I'm making a:

Mastralis Croak
All I need are 7 Lord Crow Feathers, .

Thx god lor fixed it so my post became pretty Razz and updated
Faux Perculator

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Next Set - Mats Empty Re: Next Set - Mats

Post  Devil-I-am on Thu Apr 10, 2008 7:56 am

Here is my next set :

Ancestral Treechelmet
(have it)
Ancestral Shin Guards
(have it)
Ancestral Ring
1/100 Treechnid bark,36/100 Treechnid root,1/3 Ancestral Amber,0/3 Ancestral Treechnid Root,0/1 Dark Treering,0/1 Ringtree,0/1 Treering
Ancestral Treecape
36/150 Treechnid root,0/45 Dark Bamboo Wood,1/3 Ancestral Treechnid Bark,0/2 Ancestral Treechnid Root,1/1 Ancestral Treechnid Bud,0/1 Treecapa,0/1 Treecloak
Ancestral Treechelt

0/30 Dark Treechnids Bud,3/25 Trunknid wood,10/10 Dark Treechnid Bark,10/10 Dark Treechnid Root,1/4 Ancestral Amber,0/1 Ancestral Wood,0/1 Treechelt
Ancestral Torc
1/150 Treechnid bark,0/35 Dark Treechnids Bud,0/30 Kaliptus Wood,0/20 Arachnamu,1/5 Ancestral Treechnid Bark,0/5 Ancestral Treechnid Root,0/1 The Treemu
Dragon Pig Ring
0/9 Amber,3/8 Bambooto Amber,6/8 Ivory,0/5 Dragon Pig snout,2(and 13 ruby stones)/5 Ruby,0(9 sapphire stones)/5 Sapphire,/1 Dragon Pig horn
9/100 Bluish Jelly,5/100 Strawberry Jelly,2/2 Royal Bluish Jelly,2/2 Royal Lemon Jelly,2/2 Royal Mint Jelly,2/2 Royal Strawberry Jelly

I'm not sure if I'll be using Dragon Pig Ring (if I ever make it lol! ) or Gelano, but it would be nice to have both WinkWinkWinkWink

Edit : I've decided that I'll sell the Gelano when I make it Wink Wink will be my first million kamas in Rosal Very Happy

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Next Set - Mats Empty Re: Next Set - Mats

Post  Hope on Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:43 pm

i am currently wearing feudala getas (lvl 68 ) and feudala ring (81 i think) and i am lvl 142 silent

Rat Lord Ceremonial Boots Boots Lvl. 134

+26 to 40 agility
+21 to 35 intelligence
+121 to 170 vitality
+6 to 10 prospecting
+1 MP
+16 to 25 wisdom
+5 to 7 damage
+5 to 7 heals
+4 to 6 resist neutral
4 to 6 % neutral resistance
4 to 6 % earth resistance

100 Mushd mud (have 21)
50 Rat Fang (got all)
40 Gobball Hoof (got all)
20 Gobball War Chief Hoof (have 1, lol)
1 Black Rat Boots
1 White Rat Boots
50 Grossewer Shaman Skin (have 11)
3 Sphincter Cell Skin

Dreggon Ring 128
+4~6 Damage
+16~25% Damage
+101~139 Vitality
+15~20 Wisdom
+12~15 Prospecting
+1 Summon
+4~6 Heals

10 Black Dragoss Shell
10 Golden Dragoss Shell
10 Sapphire Dragoss Shell
10 White Dragoss Shell
5 Dragostess Horn
3 Crocabulia Tooth
2 Flying Dreggon Horn
1 Koolich Stone

Xylothine (lvl 145 wand)

I have a rule against making weapons...because maging them simply costs too much. Will need this in 3 more lvls...maged is 3 mk + Neutral

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Next Set - Mats Empty what i need 4 new set

Post  demon-of-the-wind on Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:14 pm

have it

(Cape Houte)

30/30 Pandikaze hairs
0/20 Kitsou Nufeu hairs
12/12 Soryo Firefoux Hairs
10/10 Maho Firefoux Hairs
2/5 Pandikaze Material
0/1 Maho Firefoux fabric
0/1 Soryo Firefoux fabric

(Feudala Wedding Ring)

10/50 Fire Pandawushu Artefact
8/8 Dark Bamboo Wood
6/6 Aluminite
5/5 Ebony Wood
0/5 Pyrute*
0/3 Agathe (or 0/30 Agathe stones)
0/1 Aquamarine (or 2/10 aquamarine stones)

(Feudala Amulet)

10/50 Fire Pandawushu Artefact
0/10 Dark Bamboo Wood
0/10 Pyrute*
0/5 Brassic
0/4 Agathe (or 0/40 Agathe stones)
3/3 Emerald
0/2 Bulbiflor magic bark

any thing will hellp =P (ex:what i have ->1/10<- what i need)

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Next Set - Mats Empty Re: Next Set - Mats

Post  Puflius on Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:31 am

Light Treeckler Belt & Light Treeckler Branch

24/130 Light Treeckler Stump
0/35 Bamboo Wood
30/62 Gwass Sepal
21/28 Barkritter Calyx
0/22 Light Treeckler Knot
1/6 Floramor Bark
3/5 Air Pikoko Nut
3/5 Warguerite Bark
0/1 Tynril Amber
0/1 Lacerated Tynril Skin

i can buy these resources from u, or would be great to get any of these Smile
the hardest to get is: Light Treeckler Knot (expensive), Tynril Amber (rear & expensive), Floramor Bark (expensive).
and plz pm me, if somebody will organize group for Tynril Lab. thx Cool

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Next Set - Mats Empty Re: Next Set - Mats

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